Wafting in the Wi(e)nd

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Streamers hug the corner

A tipster spotted this from the 8th floor of EC. Party streamers gone rogue? Paper french fries? Caution tape? Feel free to draw your own conclusions on this one, because we’re at a loss.

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  1. Anonymous

    It's the wacky wavy arm inflatable tube man emporium

  2. Anonymous  

    the preparations for people who know how to have a good time

  3. Anonymous  

    flying spaghetti monster

  4. BHW  

    I was the tipster! Bucket=listed

  5. could be  

    Mutant Rapunzel?

  6. Anonymous

    Damn hipsters being weird

  7. ban frats on campus!  

    114th looks like that all the time and it is depressing.

  8. Anonymous  

    i was thinking installation art. this is new york!

  9. Anonymous

    Love it! Yeah it's an installation art project for a sculpture class. Too cool.

  10. Public Safety

    Take that shit down!

  11. Anonymous  

    Whoever did this must have been high (and hot)

  12. Confusion  

    Which way is the wind blowing?!

  13. all i do is

    wien wien wien no matter what

  14. note the tag

    "bitches going crazy"

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