Bwoglines: If I Can Make it There I’ll Make it Anywhere Edition

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Longing to stray right through the very heart of it...

“Neeew York, New Yooork” is where everyone’s making news of late.

A 23-foot high, bronze teddy bear slumped under a black bedside lamp will be on display for five months in midtown Manhattan from next week. It’s selling for $9 million dollars. (WSJ)

A New York City teacher has been arrested after colleagues complained that she made comments about bringing a gun to school to settle scores. (Fox News)

A resident of the city is expected to go on trial for the death of a reputed drug dealer at Harvard. Both the victim and the accused were from New York City, neither attended Harvard. (Boston Herald)

Elvis Costello spent April Fools performing in at least three different places in New York City. (Jambands)

The Clinton Foundation is moving downtown from West 125th street to 77 Water Street–out of Harlem and into the Financial district. (Spec)

Vagabond Shoes via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. sp  

    9 millions dollars?

  2. Lil' B  

    I'm Bill Clinton.

  3. Joe

    Nothing about Manning Marable? It is strange that one of Columbia's best known professors has died and there's no mention by Bwog, the Spec or on the university's website.

  4. Play me out  

    Moving from Harlem to the real slums of NY.

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