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Dunno whatchu talkin about Professor, Wikimedia says slim-fit tweed jackets have gained in popularity since early 2008.

Overheard at Barnard:

Girl 1: He’s very stoic.
Girl 2: I like that in a professor.
Girl 1: And he wears a lot of tweed.
Girl 2: Oooh, I really like that in a professor!

Us too!

Meanwhile, at the opposite end of the tweed loving spectrum, a professor overheard in a CC class on his wardrobe at conferences:

“I wear blue and black. That is my color palette. It’s an act of resistance…a refusal of the tweed. When I get tenure, I’ll write a book about the Classicist world and I’ll call it… ‘Sexless Conference'”


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  1. mumtaz

    that has to be the folch.

  2. barnard girls  

    love the tweed

  3. columbia  

    I'm pretty sure all girls love the tweed.

  4. *  

    whoever wrote this should have linked back to the tweedster archetype

  5. Anonymous

    yeeeeeaaaaahhhh marcus folch!

  6. Anonymous  

    HAH I love how we all knew EXACTLY who the tweed professor is. FOLCCHH

  7. The Companion  

    If only the Doctor taught at Columbia, now that would be one hot tweedster of a professor.

  8. marcus folch

    is a fukkkin tool.

  9. Marcus

    Folch is the most beautiful man alive

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