ABC Board Election Results

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At last night’s town hall meeting, student groups elected the ABC Board for the coming year. They elected a new exec board last week. Congratulations to the winners! Speaking of the winners, here they are:

  • Renuka Agarwal: CC 2012
  • Elizabeth Angeles: CC 2013
  • Ryan Cho: CC 2013
  • Max Hartman: GS 2013
  • Saketh Kalathur: CC 2013
  • Nikhil Krishnan: CC 2014
  • Nick Miyares: CC 2012
  • Tim Qin: SEAS 2013
  • Julian Richardson: CC 2014
  • ChiChi Udochi: CC 2013
  • Ben Xue: CC 2014
  • Rui Yu: CC 2014
  • Kevin Zhai: CC 2012


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  1. Anonymous  

    Ben Xue, this is your destiny.

  2. best rider  


  3. Anonymous  

    TIM QIN! <3

  4. dayumm  

    Saketh AND Nikhil?? Dream team right there.

  5. Conflict of interest?  

    If Ben's on the ABC Board, isn't him running for CCSC a conflict of interest?

    • Anonymous  

      No because ABC also has CCSC and ESC reps. Also Ben is running for VP of his class council, which has nothing to do with funding for ABC.

      Now if Ben was running for VP of Funding for all of CCSC, then that may be a conflict of interest.

      • Anonymous  

        Also, Ryan Cho is running for CCSC VP and he just got re-elected on to ABC as well. I don't think it's a conflict of interest because aren't they both governing boards?

  6. Anonymous  

    Yay Elizabeth!!!

  7. Anonymous

    isnt Tim Qin a University Senator?

  8. Anonymous  

    Renuka Agarwal is the shit :)

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