Bwoglines: It’s All Around You

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Never a bad time to reread DFW's 2005 Kenyon Commencement Address

Sports, they’re all around you. Last night, the UConn Huskies took home the NCAA Division I men’s basketball title, defeating Butler 53-41. (ESPN)

Shelter, hopefully it’s all around you. If you’re like Bwog, you’re looking for somewhere to live this summer. This won’t help your search, but does provide a window into the New York Apartment. (NY Mag)

Buffalo, they’re not all around you. But if you live in Montana, they might be soon. (Mother Jones)

LCD Soundsystem concerts, they’ve been all around you (recently). “How a chubby ‘old’ guy became king of the hipsters.” (Slate)

People illegally selling cigarettes one at a time, apparently they’re all around you. And those cigarettes are called “loosies.” (NYT)

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  1. CC'13  

    ahahahha, loosies are news. someone needs to spend a little more time in...well, in any major city, really.

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