Bonus Dining Dollars Debunked

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It's a lose-lose-win. Well, probably a lose.

Here’s a heads-up for those of you who bought dining plans during Suite Selection, perhaps lured by the promise of “Bonus Dining Dollars.” An intrepid tipster warned us that you need to be wary of these tricky plans.

You will get the extra dollars next semester–after a long summer break. But you’ll probably forget about your Bonus money! And here’s the thing: the Bonus dollars are in a seperate account, which you need to specifically ask for upon purchasing your goods. And what’s more, they don’t roll over from year to year like regular dollars, but expire! And nowhere is this mentioned on the dining website, or at the cash register.

So basically, if you bought a meal plan at last year’s Suite Selection, go to Cafe 212 and ask for your next purchase to be drawn from your “Best Available” or “Bonus” Account.

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  1. Anonymous  

    looking forward to more use of "things that you didn't know about but now make you feel disproportionately gypped" tag

  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

    So THAT's where my bonus dollars went. Given that I only have one regular dining dollar left, I will be using this ASAP.

  3. chill

    with the word(s): 'gyp'/'gypped'/'must be gypsies in the attic'

    das racist.

  4. Anonymous  

    is there any way to check how many of these we have?

  5. Oh man  

    Typical Columbia. When did our educational institute start to follow a deceiving business model?

  6. Anonymous  

    Don't forget that following a policy change implemented over winter break, signing up for a dining meal plan locks you in for the entire year instead of just a semester. If you're on the fence about getting a meal plan, I strongly urge you to reevaluate whether it's really worth it (and in most cases, the answer is 'no')

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