Does Not The Heaven Vault Above?

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This almost graceful array of laptop chargers was spotted in Butler! Look at those beautiful parallel catenaries! What Bwog wonders is how did these intrepid and dedicated students sling their chargers up that way? Like a grappling hook!? Or a lasso? What say you, wanderer?

You gotta do what you gotta do.

Name that title quote!

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  1. Anonymous

    Who the hell engineered this place?

    • if you noticed  

      this is the room where they keep all the Dewey decimal system cards ... so I imagine it was engineered at a time when computers weren't that accessible (let alone ones you could carry around with you!)

  2. Batman

    who stole my custom-made charger?

  3. Anonymous  

    more of catenary than a hyperbola

  4. Simple  

    Drop your charger over the railing and use the stool in the photo (or scale the card case a little) to plug it in.

  5. Anonymous  

    This is really difficult to do!
    I have tried many times and it never stays in, I guess mine just isn't long enough! euphemismeuphemism

  6. Anonymous

    sex trapeze in butler ;)

  7. Anonymous

    No excuse, It was redone less than a decade ago.

  8. Anonymous

    Those are my favorite seats in the library. I wish they were easier to get!

  9. Karen the Librarian  

    Folks are taking advantage of the outlets built into the card catalog furniture; in the days before the renovation brought the miracle of A/C, we had oscillating fans plugged in on top of the catalogs.

    I have no idea why they're using those outlets instead of the ones built into the desks themselves, though. If the power's not working there, they should tell a reference librarian so that we can report it to facilities.

    As it is, it's so tempting to hang one's laundry from them...

  10. Safety Engineer  

    It's better then running extension cords on the ground. There is no trip hazard, a small chance of someone walking into the cord on the upper level, but that would minor. I give it an A+

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