Bwoglines: Things Your Mother Always Told You Edition

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Another thing your mother always told you: bring Bwog some cookies. All the time. (Emphasis hers.)

Share with your neighbors
So if you have a crazy/violent/cool hawk roaming your college neighborhood, show the NYU-ers some love and let them have one too. (NYU Local)

Don’t talk back
Unless you’re invited to by the J-School, that is. In which case, you should plead “complexity” like NYT publisher Arthur Sulzberger did this past week. (The Daily Beast)

If you say something mean, you’ll be put in time out
And if you say something really mean, you’ll be put in indefinite time out. Like the lady who was sentenced to lifelong jury duty by a Columbia alum for writing racist remarks on a questionnaire. (NY Daily News)

Vegetables are important
Which is why two state senators are currently trying to choose an official state veggie. Only they can’t decide between the onion or sweet corn. Eh, no comment. Get back to us when you need some official state fruit suggestions—until then, we’ll be nervously crossing our fingers and chanting “banana pancakes… banana pancakes…” (NYT)

Don’t rant on TV alongside falling ratings if you want to get your show renewed on Fox
Alright, so your mom didn’t really say that one. But she should have—especially if you’re Glenn Beck. Rumors are circulating that his Fox departure is a little less than his idea. (NYMag, Business Insider)

Example of type of warm cookies you should provide Bwog with via Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. racism aside...

    by judges shouldn't have power like that

  2. Anonymous  

    "Hawks apparently love to hang around universities; Columbia has its own well-documented bird, named Hawkmadinejad. NYU once again bests Columbia, though — we’ve got two! "

    Hawkma can totally rip their "Violet" and "Bobby" (these names instill no fear!) to shreds.

    They also didn't do their research before making that claim of superiority: http://bwog.com/2010/02/04/you-and-me-can-write-a-bird-romance/

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