Overseen: Watt Is It?

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The following [insert noun here] was spotted recently on Watt 6. Balloon? Tim Burton’s platonic ideal of a child? A friendly face? Casper off of the Atkins wagon? Seriously—your guess is as good as ours. (Caveat: ours aren’t really that good…)

Don't act like your O-Face is any cuter.

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  1. Alexander Hamilton  


  2. Be Seeing You...  

    The Prisoner, clearly

  3. LCD Soundsystem


  4. Anonymous

    That's not an O face! That's when you find out that your date is from SEAS :D. The face of surprised disappointment.

  5. Boo

    Ghosts... ...don't... ...DIE! Heh, heh, heh! Can you get out of here... ...alive?

  6. Anonymous  

    mmmmmmm, Watt you saaaaay

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