SGA Election Results Are In

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Democracy happened, and Barnard drew a blank. Jessica Blank, that is. Jessica Blank is your new SGA president! Bwog decrees she shall be called PrezBla. The strong and beautiful women governing Barnard next year are listed below. Congrats to all candidates and winners.

President SGA Jessica Blank
Vice President SGA Rachel Ferrari
Vice President Student Activities Gila Schwarzschild
Vice President For Communications Sarah Steinmann
Vice President Of Finance Camila Daniels
Board of Trustees Jr. Rep to BOT Mica Spicka
Community Affairs Rep. Deborah Robertson
Academic Affairs Rep. Malvina Kefalas
Rep. for Student Services Sarah Stillman
Rep. to GSSC Ilana Breitman

Sr. Class President Jaclyn D’Aversa
Sr. Class VP Nina Ahuja
Jr. Class President Linda Zhang
Jr. Class Vice President Gayatri Malhotra
Jr. Class Treasurer Paige Sussman
Jr. Class Secretary Sakina Pasha
Soph. Class President Aliza Hassine
Soph. Class VP Gabrielle Fromer
Soph. Class Secretary Colleen Mulvihill

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  1. Anonymous  

    Congrats to everyone!

  2. Anonymous  

    I was rooting for Mitzi!

  3. Anonymous  

    was it last year when there were a ton of ties?

  4. Anonymous

    who are these people?

  5. Anonymous  

    oh no mitzi should've been president!!

  6. Anonymous

    Bwog, you're so behind. PrezBla was coined years ago by JK

  7. Anonymous

    Prezbla will be AMAZING!!

  8. Anonymous

    JK coined it!! Not DF. This is defamation!!!

  9. Against Corruption

    JK coined it!! Not DF. This is defamation!!!

  10. Anonymous

    Yeah, not happy about the prez.

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