ADI Gives You the Gift of Pain-Free Scheduling

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Taking classes... it's like playing with Lego!

Guys, Fall 2011 course registration begins on Monday! Ordinarily, that might be a cause for panic and worry, but now, it’ll be your new source of procrastination. Enter the Schedule Builder. Created by Ryan Bubinski, CC ’11 and one of the lovely members of Columbia’s ADI, the Schedule Builder helps Columbia undergraduates “with course discovery and scheduling conflict resolution.” Basically, it combines the CU Directory of Classes with a sort of Google Calendar to create lots of schedule building fun!

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  1. Anonymous  

    This is amazing! Thank you so much!! I love columbia kids <3.

  2. Anonymous  

    best thing since the housing calculator...even better....Lol

  3. Lisa  

    I used this last week and it made my life SOOOO much easier. Thank you thank you thank you.

  4. Anonymous  

    this is fucking awesome

  5. engineering whomp whomp  

    can you add a call number or section key search to it? my classes arent showing up with just the titles :( this SEEMS awesome though!

  6. ....  

    As a Senior who used to spend hours on Excel doing this shit, this bums me out.

  7. love it!  

    Love it, but can you make PE classes show up? Sorry to nitpick. THIS IS AWESOME

  8. Simply put  

    Thank you. I hope the community gives this the response that it deserves. If you guys have a forum for errors/bugs you should post it here.

    • ADI  

      you can email [email protected] or [email protected] if you have trouble

  9. Anonymous  

    Is this source code for this available?

  10. Anonymous  

    This is amazing, however Urban Studies doesn't show up -- perhaps because it's Barnard but still we take classes on both sides of the street.

    But really very helpful!

  11. Thank You!  

    This website is amazing! I can't believe how quickly I finished my schedule.

  12. Anonymous  

    ryan bubinski is worse than mark zuckerberg baha

  13. Anonymous

    This is great, even though Sustainable Development doesn't show up! (...can you fix that, please?)

  14. sheesh

    great...my major and concentration doesn't show up :(

  15. Anonymous  

    I found that Data Structures in java (W3134) doesn't come up and neither does IEOR3658.

  16. barnard classes please!  


  17. wow

    trust 80% of the comments on this post to be whiny complaints

  18. Anonymous  


    Only does exact matches against class titles in the directory. Given that many of them have strange abbreviations, makes it a problem.

    Also, would be nice to be able to search them by course number. More useful than names anyhow.

  19. Pissed Off  

    This is useless!!!! There are no SEAS classes!!! Just make it a call number search and include ALL the classes

  20. Anon

    First of all, this is a brilliant idea and something I would be very thankful for if it worked. Perhaps it simply isn't ready to be released for the general public yet, however. I got excited when I searched for Intermediate Macro and it accurately gave me both sections and allowed me to choose one, but was disappointed to find that there are apparently no drawing classes or Contemporary Civilization, and only one 2-hour (?) section of French 1201 at 6 p.m.

    Sending dozens of bug reports asking for specific classes to be added isn't really helpful; clearly whatever system is being used to transfer classes from the directory/course listings into the program needs to be reworked.

  21. best quote ever  

    Actual quote from the site:

    "I don't plan on taking down this server"

    Although I don't remember seeing that anywhere on the spec website, so I suppose it's true in this case.

  22. Watch out  

    It seems to only put core classes on Mondays and Wednesdays.

    Still really helpful though, so thank you.

  23. Anonymous  

    Useless. Nearly impossible to find a particular class. Why can't it just let you add by call number??? Doesn't include random SEAS classes. Nothing I can't do in Google Calendar for the same amount of effort.

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