Bwoglines: For the Prospies Edition

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A sport that demands far more physical aptitude than our PE requirement.

Pay heed, potentials. If there is anything we can abstract from this morning’s news, it’s lessons in survival.

Don’t slack.
While people supposedly seem to like Charlie Sheen because “he barks out the truth as he sees it,” it took the crowd at his latest “aimless and slovenly” show only 20 minutes to start heckling him. “I can testify that if he had actually tried to say something thoughtful or confessional or interesting, even if it had been deadly serious, the crowd would have been with him.” Not necessarily true for your core classes. (Huffington Post, Entertainment Weekly)

Find things that will make you happy.
Like, for instance, the Quidditch World Cup. (International Quidditch Association)

Learn how to communicate.
It’s called University Writing, you have to take it first or second semester, and while it’ll teach you to expand a thought to fill eight double-spaced pages, it’ll destroy your liking for brevity. Brevity may not be the order of the day where your papers are concerned, but otherwise is survival skill. (Time NewsFeed)

Prepare yourself to be surrounded by kids like this.
Especially you, Class of  2019. (Huffington Post)

Athletes via Wikimedia.

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  1. Anonymous  

    what's a good course for the PE requirement?

  2. Aww poor kid,

    I feel kind of bad for that kid, he is 14 and has to study on deeply complicated social issues. Sucks to be him in a way because when I was 14, my parents had the decency to shield me from the world and it's bigger problems. My life as a 14 yr old was playing with neighborhood kids, riding bikes, nintendo, and happy kid thoughts. Certainly not anything depressing that a Truman scholar would be thinking deeply about. Who knows what his parents are like, I don't even want to imagine.

  3. Doogie 2.0?  

    And now my inferiority complex is back in full swing. Thanks, Bwog!

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