Go Outside!

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Beautiful and majestic, the viridescent temptress awakens from her winter slumber and beckons you to frolic beneath her

Close the books! Shred the papers! Karate chop the laptops! Dump the contents of your backpack where you stand and go outside to listen to the music, soak up the sun, and pop ogle the bloons!

But really, the green flag is up and swaying gently in spring’s buoyant breath. Go sit on the lawn! (‘Cause the steps already look pretty full from here.)

Glory! Prospies swoon.

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  1. Anonymous  

    yeeeah, 10 page paper due in 15 hours... thesis statement just formulated...why weather gods, WHY?!

  2. tee hee hee

    I like the idea/image of karate chopping laptops.

  3. YES  


  4. Anonymous  

    wtf does oogle mean?

  5. Anonymous  

    Who the f**k is playing the flute outside since noon? It's bad and it's preventing me from sleeping after an all-nighter due to hw and essays. Thanks, douchebag.

  6. Days on campus  

    This is a school of lies!

  7. Disenchanted Student

    Who wants to be that the fields will be closed until prospies come again on campus? Why Columbia, why?

  8. anon  

    let's steal the green flag and fly it whenever the weather is good

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