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You don't even have to leave your computer

Democracy is in the air and plastered all over the dorm hallways– do your part and vote! Voting ends Wednesday night.

Vote for CCSC here.

For those still undecided. Check out Spec’s great summary of student platforms, more in-depth student platforms and opinion pieces, the debate recap, and our interviews with the different student groups.

Note– Academic Affairs Rep and Pre-professional Rep elections have been postponed until next week due to technical problems with the write-in script.

Also of interest– Spec points out some of the stringent rules that govern student campaigning. The Spec staff was unable to endorse any student group because according to CCSC policy “publishing an editorial that supported two candidates could lead to their disqualification, due to a ban on campaigning after 5 p.m. on Sunday.”

Vote for ESC here.

Vote for GSSC here.

And here’s some gratuitous inspiration, courtesy of Jed Bartlet.

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  1. Not a prospie  

    Dear Bwog,

    Are there any outlets located outdoors?

    Hoping to enjoy the short-lived awesome weather.

  2. CC'13  

    some candidates just knocked on my door...are they allowed to do that still?

    • Anonymous  

      the moratorium rules don't block legitimate conversations from happening because they are put in place to make candidates actually talk to people. Candidates are allowed to talk about their party and policies, just can't hand out palm cards, posters, or do anything online.

    • Anonymous  

      i just ignored it. seriously, who's this desperate to win?

  3. Wait a second...

    Why are there so many rules on student campaigning in the first place? The elections board seems to think that it is a better judge of how campaigns should be run better than the voters.

    Imagine if the US presidential elections worked that way -- "No advertising in November and all ads must conform to a list of regulations..." If a candidate is obnoxious and spams everyone at the last minute then voters will get annoyed rather than persuaded and the candidate will lose. Problem solved.

    Take the hint guys: people who flood facebook and email are tools that won't win anyway, so the dumb moratorium rules just block legitimate conversations from happening.

    And while you're at it, get rid of the rules on 'offensive' campaign materials -- if any ticket is dumb enough to do anything that's truly offensive, they'll attract so much negative attention that they'll lose. Until that point, the elections board is stifling edgy creativity (like that party that had a poster saying 'two asian girls at the same time') and censoring campaigns in the name of sensitivity. Let the voters decide.

    • Anonymous  

      This is a college student council election, not the United States presidential election. The elections board only tries to even out the playing field for candidates. Moratorium is intended to prevent spamming not only for the sake of candidates and constituents, but for the sake of preserving the integrity of the election itself. Candidates aren't allowed to spend their own money because electoral viability for student council should never be a financial competition. Endorsements are monitored out of respect for student groups and to prevent falsification. These rules were created after-the-fact; as ridiculous as the rules may seem, they were all prompted by past experiences. The rules aren't perfect, and they definitely need to be adjusted for technological developments and the intricacies of Facebook, Twitter, etc. They are, however, intended to make the elections as fair as possible. Housing, finals, and evidently, elections, seem to bring out the worst in Columbia students.

  4. Anonymous  


  5. Anonymous  

    I'm rewatching the entire West Wing series as thesis procrastination. On season 6, episode 5. Jed is the man.

  6. YES  


  7. Josh Lyman  

    lemonlyman.com forever.

  8. Anonymous

    anybody have any furry or avatar porn to help me procrastinate?

  9. Anonymous

    It's Jed Bartlet, with one t.

  10. when do

    the results come out?

  11. hahaha  

    "i'm a mac"

    i want to marry whoever writes these

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