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Our friends at WBAR threw together this awesome mix featuring tracks by each of the ten bands scheduled to play at this upcoming Friday’s annual WBBQ.

Some Highlights: Real Estate earned Pitchfork’s prestigious best new music with their self-titled album. The Crystal Ark, lead by Gavin Russom, counts two of the former members of LCD Soundsystem among their ranks and will be performing their 2nd US show. Blondes promise to fulfill your Balearic disco dreams.

Tracklist after the jump. Download the full mix here.
WBARBQ2011 by djdjnate

Outdoor Stage (3 pm – 7 pm)
(0:00) Driphouse – Maskelyne Crater A
(4:40) Beige – Silver Writing
(10:48) Big Troubles – Freudian Slips
(12:53) Grooms – Dreamsucker
(16:23) Julianna Barwick – White Flag
(21:15) Real Estate – Out of Tune
Indoor Stage (7 pm – 11 pm)
(26:01) Laurel Halo – Embassy
(30:04) ARP – White Light
(32:35) Blondes – Paradise City
(37:17) The Crystal Ark – The Tangible Presence of the Miraculous

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  1. Anonymous  

    this is dope. so pumped

  2. Anonymous

    I am so excited! Great job, WBAR- these acts will be sickkkk

  3. Anonymous  

    Well done WBAR. Let's all hope for sunshine!

  4. Anonymous  

    so pissed im missing this. i love real estate

  5. Anonymous  

    So much love for WBAR!

  6. Anonymous  

    > the bacchanal lineup this year for sure, no question.

  7. nathan  

    hey, correction:

    the outdoor stage comes first (from 3-7PM) and the indoor stage comes last (7-11PM). outdoors [lehman lawn] theres gonna be free food and good vibes and hopefully sun, and indoors [diana event oval] its gonna be a rave. i dunno if columbia has ever jacked their bodies like they will for blondes and the crystal ark. so come early and stay late.

    see u friday


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  8. Anonymous  

    what time is real estate going on?!

  9. Anonymous

    the outdoor lineup is pretty raw but the indoor lineup blows.. they should've gotten some minimal or electro artists.. wtf

  10. confused  

    when is this happening? I don't see a date.

  11. Anonymous  


  12. Maestro di jack  


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