ESC to hold Public E-Board Elections Next Year

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Sean Zimmerman reports on last night’s ESC meeting.

  • During their final constitutional review, the Engineering Student Council voted 17-7-3 (Yes-No-Abstain) to hold general E-Board elections next year. With this change, all positions on ESC, with the exception of Sustainability Liason and Director of Technology will be decided by a general election. VP Policy Heidi Ahmed explained that the Sustainability and Technology positions will still be elected internally as “they’re very specific to how the council works, rather than what they’re doing for students.”
  • President Chris Elizondo was the first President in favor of Open Elections. He outlined his position during the debate: “Last time, I was at the front of the charge to save Internal Elections since if it’s not broken, why fix it. I don’t think it’s a problem of the quality in the room, it’s the barrier between the students and council. And I think that’s why we’re running class council elections that are unopposed. I think if we reduce that barrier to entry, I do believe in a trickle down effect of increased participation. Overall in the end, what we’ll gain from the student body is more respect, and better treatment from the media.”
  • VP Intergroup Narayan Subramanian said toward the end of debate: “What is our role as ESC? As a student council, if you’re sitting outside this room, do you think this is fair? We have become a very incestuous body. That makes us jaded. I know a lot of people are saying that this can become a popularity contest, but it’s something inherent to our council to go out and meet with our constituents.”
  • Former council member Kamal Yechoor commented during the debate:  There are many students interested in what is going on, on ESC, but you don’t see them here. The one thing is, we kind of close the door to people outside the council.

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  1. Anonymous  

    ESC finally goes for public elections. No more political backstabbing and behind the scenes maneuvers!

    • HAHAHAHA  

      ESC is screwed now. Internal elections were the only thing keeping them from being as ineffective as CCSC.

      Thank god I got out while I could!

      Here's to the glorified party planners!

  2. Kang

    Abortions for some, miniature American flags for others!

  3. Anonymous  

    it's a good move. student councils (CCSC included) are simply not responsive enough to the student body - nobody outside of them really gives a shit or knows what's going on. it's not because students don't care, it's because they simply are not reached out to. good job to ESC for making this change, and hope it produces some results.

  4. Anonymous  

    Congratulations to Angel Say who proposed the amendment in the first place!!! He should be mentioned in this post....

  5. Anonymous

    there have been other presidents who supported it... such as Okin... only issue is if ESC elects someone like George Krebs, popular but not able to do anything with administrators avoiding him...

  6. who cares?  

    it's not like anyone votes anyway.

  7. dong dong  


  8. Liberty  

    Angel Say: A man of the people.

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