Trump Disses Bwog (Well, Sort Of—By Metonymy)

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The man with a plan.

Bwog Editor Emerita Juli Weiner, now a writer for Vanity Fair, penned this post on Trump’s apparent desire to run for president. And boy was she snarky!

That snark garnered a hand-written response from Trump, including an annotated print-out of the piece. So they published it, and it was funny.

The real estate tycoon circled Weiner’s name in black Sharpie and scrawled, “Bad Writer!” To top it all off, he didn’t like his photo. Aw shucks.

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  1. i'm not sure  

    bwog can take credit for being dissed here, seeing as her post had nothing to do with Columbia or Bwog itself.

  2. Trump's the man

    He's got my vote!!!

  3. If he doesn't like his photo  

    he should try not looking so hideous for photographers.

  4. Nothing to do with Bwog but,  

    Fuck Yeah Juli

  5. please please please  

    get the nominee, of my gosh, that would be the funniest campaign ever!

  6. Good thing  

    that Juli's used to such ridiculous attacks, having dealt with so many Bwog commenters! ;)

  7. Anonymous  

    At least he's humble.

  8. Anonymous  

    I cannot believe he actually made the effort to send his comments back to VF. It shows how insecure he is with his image. Do we want a president who will mail back pissy commentary about any article that views him in a negative light?

  9. Anonymous

    Two words: Comb Over

  10. Anonymous  

    Between this and Trump's recent pissing match with the New York Times' Gail Collins, I lost any modicum of taken-with-a-grain-of-salt "respect" I *might* have been able to muster for a potential presidential candidate.

  11. Anonymous  

    am i the only one who thinks that donald trump and bollinger are kinda spitting images of each other?

  12. wow

    is all i can say about this guy.
    wow wow wow wow wow.

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