We (Almost) Have a “Model Student”

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Fashion...it's poofy!

Remember when Ann Taylor asked around for some college fashionistas?

Well, good news! One took the bait. And now our own Nida Vidutis, CC ’12,—unfortunately at the bottom of the Columbia list due to the infernal alphabet—is very-close-but-not-quite winning! She’s second place behind a GW girl, and polls close today! So go vote and prove our sartorial savvy.

Hoops upon hoops via Wikimedia

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  1. Anonymous  



    seeing the other girls running, i had to vote for someone else. she's obviously only done a better job of spamming facebook inboxes.

    i'm sure she'll win, but it's a shame that events like these are won like this.

    • nope  

      so what if she did? i have no idea if she did or not, but you're an idiot for calling it a "shame" were it the case. thats how anything is won---by giving a shit.

      if she doesnt win, it'll be some girl from GW. columbia's apathy is crippling and THATS the real shame.

      • Anonymous  

        back again.

        two points and i'm gone:

        1. if proving lack of apathy about columbia centers around voting for a columbian in a faux 'women as intellectuals' MODELING campaign where not one of their intellectual pursuits is overtly mentioned unless you click through five or so links, i'm out. it's downright demeaning, for nida included.

        2. i can almost guarantee many of these other women "give a shit", including those at columbia, but decided to not resort to facebook spamming means to succeed in being chosen. please don't mistake caring about something with the ability to wash, rinse and repeat with a social media tool and send out messages daily to whoever you sort of know or met at summer camp in sixth grade.

  2. Anonymous  

    nida is hot

  3. Anonymous  

    I love Nida!!

  4. anonymous admirer

    Nida, youre awesome and everything, but I have never ever not even once seen you smile.

  5. Nida  

    once told me I was wasting my time at Columbia if I didn't come for the Core Curriculum during Lit Hum two years ago.

    So glad that turned out to be totally false.

  6. Anonymous

    Knowing Nida for years, I would like to say that she is one of the smartest, kindest girls that I know. She worked extremely had to get into Columbia and has worked equally hard while there- in addition to devoting some time to model for a highly-respected women's clothing company- Ann Taylor. And, always, she has remained completely down-to-earth and has made time to participate in multiple organizations while also in school and working- which is all extremely admirable. She should not be put down for taking advantage of a unique and awesome opportunity to showcase her modeling skills- and show her school spirit!- through Ann Taylor.

    Also, Ann Taylor designed this campaign to be social-media focused, so of course she is going to reach out to her Facebook friends (including the ones she might have met in summer camp). Her current rank proves that she has an great base of friends and supporters and has worked hard to gain their votes! It is obvious that social media is having a huge impact on communications in today's world, and success in campaigns off all kinds often depends on having a strong support base on social networks and knowing how to connect with them. Ann Taylor wanted that, and Nida has it. I guarantee you that "Facebook spamming" doesn't get anyone anywhere, so clearly that is not what Nida has been doing.

    Also, you obviously haven't spent much time with Nida if you haven't seen her smile.

    Keep the votes coming!

  7. Wow,

    Someone will always have something negative to say, even about the kindest people out there.

    GO NIDA! Love you & good luck. You definitely deserve this.

  8. Anonymous  

    the girl candice from usc is smoking

  9. the photographer  

    for the Columbia girls seems crappy. I know a couple of them, they look better than they do in these pictures.

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