Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Filming Incredibly Close to Columbia

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A tipster informs us that Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, the movie based on the acclaimed book of the same name, is now filming on Amsterdam between 92nd street and 102nd street. A few weeks ago, Bwog spotted them filming on La Salle. No sign of Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, or the dreamy Jonathan Safran Foer yet, but check out all that food!

Free food!

Official evidence

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  1. Anonymous  

    FAVORITE BOOK EVER. they won't do it justice, i know it

  2. Anonymous  

    what an awful book.

  3. Valet parking?  

    "Violators will be towed to the nearest legal parking spot."

  4. Zing  

    Sort of like your mom was last night.

  5. Anonymous

    omg this is my favorite book ever

  6. Anonymous  

    Matt. Just Matt.

  7. Anonymous  

    agreed. its a great book.

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