“Dinner AND a Show”

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These guys will probably be there, too

Make your way over to the Sundial, folks, College Days is back!

What’s that, you ask?

College Days… that time when we pretend we have school spirit they try to trick the prospies into believing we have school spirit (one of their many ruses including a magical weather machine that mysteriously turns the temperature up around the time of Days on Campus)… when they don’t forget, they sometimes kick the week off with King’s Ball…

Still not sounding familiar? That’s okay. Pizza, pretzels and American Apparel t-shirts are promised, alongside a capella, the marching band playing, and CCSC President Learned Foote giving an ironic speech, so head on over to the Sundial between 12 and 2 pm.

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  1. Anonymous  

    I fucking love that weather machine.

  2. Anonymous

    Like any other freebie giveaway, people are just cutting in this poor excuse for a line. Why can't they ever be more organized, perhaps by giving out vouchers to people already in line. Is this really the best you can do, student government?

  3. CC'11  

    I've never really taken issue with Learned before, but was it really necessary to snarkily piss all over people who go into nonprofit or humanitarian work? Fuck you, dude. Not everyone wants to be a consultant or a banker.

    Also, big suck on the V-neck shirts. Not everyone's a hipster, either.

  4. those guys  

    will probably NOT be there. They graduated last year.

  5. 2013

    How come they only gave out 50 shirts?! The line was at least 150 people long and people were just pissed off for waiting 45 minutes

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