1. wtf?  

    i feel like i've died and gone to tisch!

  2. Just saying...  

    ...I really like the "part of a healthy liberal arts education" tag. Gotta use that more often.

  3. Jeeze  

    Thank god we don't go to Brown, right?

  4. sweet

    abnormal movement is fantastic. i wish more people had joined in!

  5. shine

    little glow worm. glitter. glitter.
    lead us, lest too far we wander...

  6. sensible shopper  

    man, their american apparel leggings/leotards are gonna get all kinds of snagged.

  7. Anonymous

    Can I just say that this is my first semester at CU (grad student) and I'm not sure if it was a pleasant shock, but as soon as the sun was able to modestly enhance skin color, girls where I did my undergrad would be in bikinis with towels, lying or 'laying out' as most say tanning in the MIDDLE of campus.
    Imagine a bunch of orange people in bathing suits in the front of, oh, let's say Butler library.
    Does this happen??????


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