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Dearest Friends,

Exactly the types you'd expect to meet in a crypt

The Editors

Hey. You doin’ all right? Because it’s a tough time of year and we care about you. So come to tonight’s meeting for The Blue and White magazine—take a break from your studies and pitch a few ideas for stories, talk about the upcoming issue. But most importantly, eat some of our num nums, free for all, and enjoy the company of your peers.

We hope to see you soon—9 pm in the crypt of St. Paul’s Chapel. Because, again, we care about you. Just keep that in your hearts.

We’re Lonely,
The Editors


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  1. Anonymous

    what's num nums

  2. Bwog  

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  3. BBOG  

    We should be able to like and dislike BWOG STAFF comments. Don't worry we won't dislike all your comments just because we resent your being in a position of power over us!

  4. Ugh  

    Can you guys just separate from the Blue and White already!?! Nothing against either group, but you guys are really both your own groups by this point!

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