Bwoglines: Common Sense Edition

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Students enrolled in a Columbia Graduate School of Architecture class focused on colonizing the moon and Mars admit that “If you look at our Netflix queues, you’ll see a lot of space videos.” (Wall Street Journal)

Glenn Beck announced plans to leave New York City. (Mediabistro)

You look like a jerk when you thumb about your smart phone while talking to someone. (NYTimes)

Columbia loves to house artifacts, to pay respect to authors, to house artifacts of authors to whom they wish to pay respect in Butler. (NYTimes)

Perhaps not obvious, but not surprising given PrezBo’s high salary–on average, Columbia professors have the second highest salaries in higher education. (Inside Higher Ed)

The blindingly obvious via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. anon

    but most profs aren't full time profs.

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