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Back in the day, Asenso Ampim and his crew brought you EC, Heights, or Campo. His new group, TwitterMafia, just dropped their latest Columbia-specific jam, titled “#weekEND.” You can listen to the song below or download the track via Mediafire.

#Winning lyrics after the jump. What’s your favorite line?


Let me get it straight ya tryna party
Couple of shots and now these girls getting naughty Poppin bottles might take ya girl
She got the Louie bag on w/ the curls
In the heights sippin on some magaritas
Then she catchin my balls like wide receiver
Damn, you know we here spazzing out
Party all night til we passing out
Shorty what u drinking
Tell what u thinking
You know I’m on a mission
Switch it up any position
Yea, walking drunk on Broadway …
Forties on the steps all day
Uh, She feeling style Senior night wed you know we getting wild
You got your friends baby tell me what it is
Twittermafia, this is how we live


It’s the weekend so you know we get it in
Drink in my cup let the partying begin
Girl u look so good tell me do you and your friends
Wanna roll wit us we can do this all again
At my place…….We can do it..at my place

Girl you something special
I think I saw that ass at Havana Central
Tell me what you gettin into?
Don’t even sweat you know I keep it so official
Get our drink on we getting wasted
To the point that I can’t even taste it
Girl tell me what your name is
Celebrating like i’m famous
It’s the weekend i’m not playing I got goose, ciroc, whatever you want cop
After party at my place it don’t stop
Got green if you wanna light it Get it ignited
Bring your friends along baby everyone’s invited
Uh, till you touching all the right places intertwined in the sheets like nike laces y
Yeah, I gotta stay swagged out Hugh heffner robe on when i show your ass out…
Gettin busy in 10-twizzy (1020)
Heard it’s poppin at the heights
I think i’m drunk but i’m just right
Maybe I’m gone like I caught a flight
But I’m just nice and she just might
Come back home wit me and not think twice
And we can have a hell of a night, okay…
So tell me how you want it girl Michael Jackson, come and rock my world
And after all baby we freaking
So if not now then when it’s the weekend


Fresh from Miami tell me what it do
Pissy drunk debit card copping for my crew
Got my snap back on and my team strong
When you drunk girl I’m the one you lean on
We spending money, we got cash
Them black leggings on that fat ass
Yep, you know I keep it hoodRICH
Baby let me take you back to Woodbridge

Yellow model chick got that ‘nani call it Pikachu
Take her to the crib, open legs, Peak-A-Boo
Go shorty, it’s ya birthday
Bottles on deck drink it girl it’s coming I know youy thirsty
YOLO, shout out to my thetas DG girls I love you too
I’ll see you out later She wax off and wax on
It’s a movement, we egg drop and wonton


#SWAG #weekEND

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  1. Anonymous  

    twittermafia is different then the group that did EC, Heights or Campo--the only similarity is that Asenso is in both of them

  2. Anonymous  

    the verse by Deep Daddy on EC, Heights, or Campo is what made that song - and I think anyone who listened would agree. Would've loved to hear him on this one too. Adequate track nonetheless

  3. Anonymous

    what is the #hashtag thing? when did it become such a big thing??

  4. LOL  

    n*ggas got no flow. but its fun.

  5. Anonymous  

    Love the beat.

  6. butterflykiss32  

    fun track-the beat is really hot and the song's not bad
    the first dude had a nice voice and therealsenz's verse was kinda slick
    just a fun song for us columbians who are trying to have a good time here

  7. How is  

    Asenso such a G?

  8. hands down  

    W_C_ best verse

  9. Anonymous

    Sexist pigs.

  10. Anonymous  

    not half bad, but your group is called TwitterMafia. Seriously?

  11. this is dumb

    reminds of that show lipstick mafia on nbc...

  12. Anonymous  

    I would be lying if I said this song was good.

  13. Anonymous  

    Haha people need to have a sense of humor. These guys are just messing around making a silly campus song to humor us a little in this stressful place

  14. Anonymous  

    For the record, when people make a song it doesn't always have to highlight their personality; they can just be taking on a persona for their music. Some people need to lighten up.

  15. Alexander Hamilton

    very enjoyable...mad props

  16. Anonymous

    Even though this song is clearly a joke it is horrible haha.

  17. have to say  

    this is only one step below Chet Haze music
    you know, Tom Hanks son who is a frat boy rapper

  18. Anonymous

    I present Columbia University's equivalent to Rebecca Black's - "Friday"

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