Obama’s Got SEAS’ Back

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Cheers to a fairly successful effort to get Obama on campus, in some capacity. Though smaller in scope than some endeavors, ESC 2014 t-shirts do at least get the job done. Silly engineers, Obama went to the College! OR DID HE…?

On an unrelated note, here is a picture of Obama as a pirate. Adorbs.

Fox-worthy newsflash: Obama is actually an African pirate.

Photo by Jennifer Silvestre


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  1. THANK YOU!  

    Thank You Tim Qin SEAS '13 for the Design!

  2. in other nerdy news

    isaac asimov is also on the shirt. he also did not go to seas. but was a boss.

  3. this is going to be so confusing  

    when your grandkids are cleaning out your closet after you die...

  4. anon

    really, bwog... "adorbs" ? a fox news joke? hate to say it, but i visit the site less and less due to crap like this.

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