Café 212 Full of H2O

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This is just not Café 212’s week. After being hit with 62 violations in a recent health inspection, the store flooded and has now been closed for “maintenance.” A tipster reports that he saw a man in a face mask and what looked like a mop right outside the store. No word on when it will reopen or whether there’s any connection between the flooding and the health inspection. Hang in there, Kia!

Water guzzler

bars of doom

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  1. Snoop Dogg  

    Tell me baby are you wet?

  2. Ode to the Cafe  

    Blueberry muffin and chocolate chip scone,
    Overpriced tea when I could make my own,
    Grapes and cheese and hummus to-go,
    M&M cookies from pre-processed dough,
    Salads when Westside is too far away,
    Small soup selection for a rainy day,
    Pre-packaged cookies that're good when they're new,
    These are my favorites from Cafe 212.

  3. Anonymous  

    212 be just like the zipcode
    grapes be 3.85--
    yo 'shier that's a boatload

  4. sexual fantasy

    I have a sexual fantasy I would like to throw out to the world of Columbia while I work and stay focused on school. Pretty much, we meet up at his work place (near Columbia-only steps away) and after 2-2.5 hours, we hang out elsewhere and he picks me up pretty smoothy and wise-verse. I am no fool, got my game together and then go to his apartment over looking the RIverside park/river. We act shy try to be 'professional' but soon enough things get hot and stuff. I really like being on top so while i may be petite, I get on top and he has already expressed his interest in aggressive women. SO i JUST have a ball :) and there's also some mushy emotional stuff too.

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