Gladiator on the Steps

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Which one is Russell Crowe?

Tonight, you can see a slave become more powerful than the emperor of Rome in an appropriately neoclassical context if you head to the Low Steps at 7:30 pm for a special showing of the classic movie Gladiator. It’s all part of CCSC’s bizarrely road trip-themed College Days, which is now apparently in Hollywood. In addition to the movie, CCSC will offer free College Days shirts, cute lion beanie babies that say “College Days” on them, and of course free food like popcorn, candy, cookies, and soda. The shirts and lions will probably disappear within minutes, so make sure you get there as early as possible if you want one.

3D Scene from Wikimedia Commons

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  1. seriously?  


  2. Postcrypt

    No, don't do that. Come to Patrick Ryan on 125 broadway for postcrypt's music event from 7:30-10:30!!

  3. wait wtf  

    Why didn't they do this for 4/20?

    • because  

      bacchanal always shows a movie on 4/20? its kinda their "thing."

      please try and keep up. you've been here at least (almost) a year.

    • They did  

      Bacchanal did show a movie on 4/20—Dark Side of Oz. The plan was to do it outside on the Low Steps like in past years, but they got spooked by the forecast of heavy rain, so they moved it inside to Lerner Cinema.

  4. Anonymous  

    no barnard or seas allowed only cc

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