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Holi 2009

Bad news for lovers of Hindu festivals that involve people dumping paint one another! Tomorrow’s planned celebration of Holi has been postponed until next week on account of weather, so please do not go to Ancel Plaza tomorrow and start throwing paint at random people!

Instead, why not check out Bwog’s past coverage of Holi? After all, you probably couldn’t see what was happening the first time around. And before you know it, it’ll be April 30th (which will hopefully have much better weather than tomorrow) and you can go to Ancel Plaza to celebrate with paint!

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  1. CC'13

    will i have time to shower it all off before bacchanal?

    speaking of, someone should invite heemz

  2. See the Varsity Show.  

    MOST MASSIVE WEEKEND EVER. Screw the Road Trip CC "epicness".
    1. Holi.
    2. Bacchanal.
    3. Varsity Show.
    In the typic patronizing Columbia tone, but really actually in a supportive 'upperclassmen' way, DO THEM ALL. You will not regret it. THAT is what the Columbia experience is about.

  3. Anonymous

    Youll have time to shower - not to worry.
    Unless u wanna show up in style for snoop :)

  4. JM

    last holi left some long-term marks. At a recent physical exam, the doctor who was checking me said "what's that inside your ear -- it's some dried red stuff?!?" Shocked, I realized that Holi paint powder from nine months prior found its way into my ear and dried. So I explained Holi to the doctor, who was still surprised and responded it was the first time a patient came in with red paint in their ear.

    still totally worth it. but make sure you kids clean yourselves well!

  5. anybody

    know what time it'll be?

  6. seriously

    does anyone know when this is going down?

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