Zagat Facilitates Your Inner Cheapskate

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As you’ve probably figured out by now, we at Bwog just can’t get enough of free food. Once we’ve stepped off campus, though, we’ve noticed that free food opportunities are few and far between. While some might argue that this is reason enough to never leave the Morningside Bubble, we’d like to think there’s more to experience in the NYC culinary scene than free¬†cookies and milk and Roti Roll. All the same, eating in NYC can get pricey! Here’s where Zagat comes to the rescue. As part of its Cheap Eats Week, Zagat presents the “Cheap Eats Smackdown: Fordham vs. Columbia vs. NYU.” After all, who knows how to stretch a dollar better than a poor college student? Check out how these three college students make the most of $20 in NYC, and let Zagat know who you think does it best in the comments. The winner gets $100! That’s a whole lot of halal cart!

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  1. Columbia contestant  

    should have read jbell's Columbia eats under $5 article--keep it local baby, don't have to trek all over the city http://thecollegecritics.com/2011/03/28/top-5-under-5-at-5-columbia-edition/

  2. ...  

    i love how the columbia kid goes to places that aren't anywhere near morningside.

  3. curious student

    does anyone know where any of these places exist other than H&H?

  4. I love coco helado

    but I cringed every time she said "hell-ado," the "h" is silent...

  5. Anonymous  

    Ali is so adorable!

  6. Feminist  

    " I may be a girl, but I know how to get cheap food."

  7. helado  

    with an 'h'? are you fucking kidding me?

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