Escapism in BBQ

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Today at 2!Suspend some disbelief, escape from work and continue on the great American Road Trip with College Days today before scrounging back to the library.

Head over to Nashville (Revson Plaza by EC) for a BBQ folk fest with a live performance by Sam Reider and the Lost Boys, tasty BBQ buffet and t-shirts between 2 and 4 pm.

In the event that the much feared showers materialize and threaten to shake you back to reality and homework, run to the Piano Lounge.

Hyperbolic visual description of today’s event via Wikimedia

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  1. ehh  

    Postcrypt did it yesterday..and there cannot be more food at this thing than there

  2. Anonymous  

    When is this event?

  3. Sameea  (Bwog Staff)

    2 PM 2 PM 2 PM!!!

  4. Nashvillean  

    Wow. A Nashville-themed event and they can't even get a bluegrass or country band?

  5. Anonymous  


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