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Poems. Essays. Witty one-liners. Witty one-worders. You spend hours and hours (okay, minutes and minutes) crafting brilliant responses to our posts, and we’re sorry your efforts have gone unnoticed recently. We’ve had some technical glitches with our Favorite Comments system, but through the magic of “CS majors” they’ve been fixed. Finals are coming up soon, so give us your best! Below are some witty readers we couldn’t acknowledge before but would like to honor now:

Unfavorite comments via Wikimedia

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  1. Anonymous  

    when do we hear back about NSOP OL positions?

  2. And yet...  

    ...they still don't get the box or the sidebar listing. :(

  3. no justice  

    no love for my amazing comment on the burger post? fine. i understand.

  4. Anonymous  

    Have the application process for Consent is Sexy already happened? I wanted to apply but I never heard anything.

  5. Inception Comment

    A favorited comment with an article about favorite comments

  6. Jason  (Bwog Staff)  

    I study philosophy, not CS.

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