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There is a high probability you will enjoy the linked graphs more than the this one

A big thank you to Bwog Editor Emeritus but Always With Us In Spirit Anish Bramhandkar for tipping these great graphs.

The people at the popular online-dating site, OkCupid, crunched their user-provided data to create ten very amusing graphs. Among the findings–vegetarians like giving oral sex more than their omnivorous peers, people on Twitter are more than just textually masturbatory, and, our favorite, a graph that correlates college tuition to sex drive. We want to have sex more than Harvard, Wesleyan, MIT, or Penn, less than NYU, UChicago, Yale, and way less than Sarah Lawrence.

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  1. confused horny jew girl

    what's the deal with the prudish jew girls not admitting to masturbating?
    get real jap's! everyone touches themselves and if you don't it's time to start!

  2. vegetarians like giving oral sex more than  


  3. Statistically Insignificant  

    I mean seriously, look at the graph they did. You could maybe say that private school kids want more sex than public school kids, and that private schools cost more. But within either group there's obviously not much of a difference.

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