ESC: Elections and Endings

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ESC Initiation Rite (Artist's Rendering)

Sean Zimmermann reports from the final ESC meeting of the year:

ESC tonight held internal elections for the three remaining positions on next year’s council. Afterwards, the seniors said their good-byes before a ceremonial changing of the council took place.

  • Tanya Shah was elected ESC’s SGA Liaison. A rising sophomore planning to study BME, she served on first year class council and said she was interested in the position because she would like to give back to the community. She said she would like ESC to try to create a dialogue with Barnard students about women in the sciences, and later explained that a discussion of women in science “would be a good way to facilitate a positive discussion between Barnard students and Columbia students who are both interested in science.” She ran against Michael Fraynd.
  • William Cybriwsky, current ESC Sustainability Liaison, was re-elected to the position. Though Cybriwsky admitted there had been a number of difficulties during the first year the position was added to council, like the failed book swap program, he spoke about his recent accomplishments on ESC, such as working on improvements to the water fountains in Mudd, and spoke about his work with current President Elizondo about sustainability issues at council events. Specifically, he cited his success in reducing the amount of paper used at council events. He ran unopposed.
  • Jonathan Yu, SEAS ‘14, was elected the council’s Director of Technology. Yu explained that he regretted not getting involved more on campus this year, and said he felt that ESC would be a good way for him to get involved. He explained that, though a website can be a great tool to keep people updated, it would not be useful unless it was updated constantly. He explained he was ready to take on this job of maintaining the ESC websites, and showed samples of his work. He also ran unopposed.

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  1. ESC  

    ...and then we kicked Sean out of Satow and had a party.

  2. lol  

    esc internal elections are a joke.

    only a handful of people know of these in the first place (yea sure they send out emails but which non-frosh reads those school-wide spam anymore) and most of the elected kids ran unapposed.
    I won't go so far to say ESC is a joke cause there are some dedicated people, but the laughable situation is that whoever wants any position can have one in the council. it's just sad that there are those dedicated few wasting their time and efforts for the group composed of people who refer to their poor selves as "student leaders."


  3. Anonymous  

    they should just merge the councils.

  4. these people  

    are a joke.

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