No Fee For Fun Films

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Tonight at 7:30 pm the Columbia University Film Festival will hold a free outdoor screening on the steps of Low. For all you hungry cinephiles, there will be free popcorn, too. The screening will include picks from years past, and you know that’s cool because, “Every single year, some of the short films featured in the festival go on to enter and win awards at major national and international festivals like Sundance, and this is a chance for the Columbia community to see them first.”

The Festival will also feature a screening of this wonderful film [Taking Off], and an interview with the director [Oscar-winner Milos Forman]. But you have to pay for that…

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  1. Grumpy Old Man  

    Is Housing just not going to bother turning on the air conditioning this year?

  2. CC'13  

    milos forman such a boss

  3. !

    That still frame looks so much like Beyonce!

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