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We don’t post bathroom stall graffiti often, but when we do, it’s an exception. Witness this angsty carving, spotted—where else?—in Butler:

What makes for a suitable stall engraving instrument?

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  1. He's ...  


  2. anonymous  

    "We don’t post bathroom stall graffiti often, but when we do, it’s an exception."
    ...zoinks, conjunction misuse! Bwog needs to study up on their Schoolhouse Rock tunes.

    • Anonymous  

      correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't they just use a conjunction to connect two words, phrases, or clauses?
      I'm not saying the sentence entirely made sense, but I don't think the issue is a misuse of of a conjunction. It's just a little redundant is all.

      • anonymous  

        should be "so" if they're going to use that phrasing, that's all.

        • No, I think you're just being hasty.

          I'm pretty sure that the phrasing was entirely intentional, to emphasize the redundancy - i.e., the "but" was being used to build up anticipation of some contrary or otherwise unexpected elaboration, only to fizzle out with information that we've already been given. The desired effect was anticlimax. (Also,using"so"doesn'tfitquiteasnicelyintotheDosEquisformatthat-iftheposttagsareanyindication-theauthorwasparodying.Justsaying.)

  3. in high school  

    we had "flush notes." perhaps i shall resurrect them here.

  4. Anonymous  

    i wrote that.

  5. my other favorite graffitti..  

    is in the first floor low library mens bathrooms. at toilet-sitting eye-level: "i'm finally shitting :)"

  6. JJ10

    The first stall in the men's stall has some solid poetry.

  7. Anonymous

    Poop-crastination :D

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