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Katheryn Thayer reports from last night’s SGA proceedings:

Dean of Admissions Jennifer Fondiller joined last night’s meeting. She reported an excellent application pool this year, but emphasized that Barnard looks for appropriate matches rather than numbers and growth. This year’s admissions process was Barnard’s most selective yet, in part because the college is not in a position to expand the student population due to limits on housing. Early decision applications rose 30% this year, suggesting that more seniors are confident in their choice of Barnard. She explained that Debora Spar has been pursuing international applicants more aggressively, and the applicant pool reflects this: whereas a few years ago Barnard received about 10 applications from China, this year the number was over 200. SGA representatives shared anecdotes about new students, particularly those from farther away, valuing events that made them feel included in the alumni community and suggested strengthening these programs.

In the wake of this year’s huge admissions success, Dean Fondiller was sure to emphasize that everyone on campus helps the admissions office. Barnard students define what the community is and how it will attract new students. The council members and the dean shared beaming smiles over the Huffington Post article describing the magical atmosphere created at Barnard.

XMAS!, previously under the auspices of NOMADS, is looking for a new group to associate itself with because NOMADS only produces new student-made productions. As XMAS! approaches its 6th season, it no longer qualifies as new talent, but is an important part of campus theater life. SGA recognized it as a phase 1 club to allow the group more autonomy.

The meeting concluded with a powerpoint presentation about Inter-Greek Council. It is being treated as a club under stage 1 recognition, but is scheduled to transition to a governing board under stage 2 recognition. With stage 1 recognition, the IGC has seen increased Barnard participation, and hopes to see further interest after stage 2 recognition. Representatives shared sororities’ participation in Barnard’s campus life and asked for stage 2 recognition to further Greek involvement in campus life.

Panhellenic Board requested stage 2 recognition so that it could afford to expand along with the increased interest in sororities. A large proportion of students currently involved and rushing this year were from Barnard, and so the Panhellenic Board is looking to the college for financial support. It hopes to use the funds to create a new chapter, and underscores the importance of acting quickly because it takes 18 months to implement a new chapter. Stage 2 recognition was granted.

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  1. A Greek  

    Whoa, stage 2 recognition... boom!

  2. get it right  

    Panhellenic COUNCIL
    RECRUITMENT, not rush.

  3. UGH

    great. more greeks in barnard. one of the reasons i chose to go here was b/c there was no greek life. ew.


    • well...

      before you come all at the greeks on the comment thread, remember that it's also their school, and by your logic that entitles them to their opinion. Hate to break it to you, but you share your school with an entire student body.
      mine mine mine! my goodness.
      Also, choosing a school by what they DON'T have as opposed to the opportunities they do have?...eh.

  4. BC '15

    Would someone explain to me the process of recruitment/rushing as a Barnard student into Columbia's sororities? Like most aspects of the BC/CU relationship, it's a little confusing. I've considered going greek just to have a secure social life, and I know there are other ways to do that, so I'm joining a bunch of other clubs as well, but for the purposes of going out, it'd be nice to know that someone has my back.

    • Anonymous  

      What school you're in doesn't effect your recruitment process. There are no restrictions based on school, other than housing eligibility (which varies from house to house and is based on the Columbia-Barnard ratio, which means no more than 1/3 of the house can be Barnard).

  5. BC '15 again

    Also, I've considered running for an office in SGA, would someone clue me in as to how that works? please and thank you!

    • sga  

      You can visit the SGA website for information about positions or you can email sga at [email protected] There will be an applications process in the fall for students interested in joining an sga committee or council

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