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Don't miss out on all the fun!

If you are over the age of three, and want to go to Commencement, you need a ticket. Graduating students are only allowed to claim four, and you have to pick them up in person. How surprising that Student Affairs has a centralized and sensible allocation process! Anyway, back in 2008, ESC set up this handy site to exchange Commencement tickets, if you need more than four, were unable to pick them up, or want to give away tickets you’re not going to use. Essentially a customized Craigslist, the site enables you to post extra tickets if you have ’em, or get in touch with those people if you need ’em.

Now would also be an expedient time to remind Ye Olde Seniors that tomorrow is the last day to pick up your tickets! They will be available from 4:30 to 7:30 pm in 401 Lerner.

Photo by Hans Hyttinen

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  1. Anonymous  

    No no no no don't leave!

  2. On a somewhat related note...  

    ...When does Senior Wisdom begin?!?!

  3. Anonymous

    The website should say which school the tickets are for, unless they're ONLY for University commencement rather than the individuals colleges.

  4. Anonymous

    Barnard students need tickets for their ceremony at Grant's Tomb.

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