1. ahhh  

    AD yes Bwog thank you

  2. michael bluth

    has anyone in this family ever even SEEN a chicken?

  3. Anonymous

    Columbia has a surprise. Do not fill out evaluations until late Sunday night/ Monday morning!

  4. Excited  

    I'm seconding that - something better is coming along. Let's hold out until Monday morning!

  5. But really  

    can CC aggregate course reviews and post them online for students? SEAS and Yale do it.. we should too.

  6. Perhaps  

    What a good idea. Publishing systematic, uncharged, standardized teacher reviews. Monday? Yeah, Monday feels right.

  7. Anonymous  

    i dont get it, what is monday morning?

  8. Tobias Funke  

    I got the biggest laugh without making a sound.

  9. Rebecca Black  

    Monday morning is the morning following Sunday night.

  10. gene parmesan  

    i have never loved bwog more than i do at this moment

  11. wait  

    what is everyone talking about? So confuzed

    • swapcollege  

      it must've been swapcollege.com. they launched on sunday night/monday. they've got teacher reviews that are forms (similar to CU's) but we will naturally have access to them.

  12. Collective Action Problems  

    Someone on bwog's a poli sci major ;-)

  13. Pooling experience  

    sounds kinda dirty

  14. Cody  

    thank you so much for all of those Arrested Development scenes,
    I shit my pants
    thanks (still not leaving Butler...)

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