Senior Bucket List

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Seniors! Time is running out, and bleachers are going up! We know you’re feeling nostalgic, sitting on the steps, and soaking up the sun. Senior Wisdom is imminent, but we thought we’d give some you advice as well as receive it. Bwog once again presents (hyperlinks) the shenanigans we highly recommend getting under your belt before you leave.

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  1. Anonymous  

    senior wisdom...? Soon...?

  2. Emails went out  

    without a deadline attached. But presumably people are filling them out.

  3. Anonymous  

    hey bwog, can you do a review on different summer storage places/cost benefit analyses?

    thanks. i dont feel like paying out of my ass for boxmydorm or whatever this year.

  4. Anonymous

    If you go to the top of a library staircase, you might find a door left ajar... You're welcome.

  5. Wow  

    I'm a junior and I've already done most of things...including staxxion.

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