Share a Moment That Will Last To the End

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Just you and that map near the 115th Street gates by Lerner—the one you haven’t looked at since it was NSOP when your parents left through that gate and you almost started crying, kind of like when James Blunt got stoned and stared at that chick on the subway.

That warm, fuzzy feeling? It's community.

Pick-me-up by Mike Rady, CC ’13

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  1. v

    but i actually cried when they left ....

  2. Uh.  

    I didn't know that the fat chick from Mean Girls who just "had a lot of feelings" went here.

  3. Unobservant Junior

    I've legit never noticed that map before. Weird. And homeboy should have just posted a craigslist missed connection like the rest of us.

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