A Last Call For Closing Remarks

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  1. Concerned Citizen

    What kind of weird fetishes is Bwog into? Coming in ears, indeed. More like perforated eardrums: NO THANKS.

  2. Anonymous

    "West Wing is like porn for democrats." - Judith Russell, Intro to American Politics

    who also said...

    "Did you know you can download the Constitution on your iPhones? Do it. Then take it out at the clubs."

  3. Off-topic  

    Ok sorry for posting this here, but I need somewhere to share my rage about Senior Week . . .

    Dear Senior Week,

    What the fuck.

    1) Not a week. Just three days.
    2) Not even one of your events is free. And senior ball is at the not-particularly-classy Chelsea Piers yet costs $95. And your website advises me to eat beforehand just in case there isn't enough food.
    3) The supposed "deal" of the full package is saving me a whopping 10 dollars.
    4) I was informed today at the TIC that somehow, EVEN THOUGH I AM PAYING $150, I now can't go to two of the events that my package is supposed to buy me because you already sold out of individual tickets.

    I don't understand why Columbia couldn't just add $50 per year to our tuition that none of us would notice and actually make this an enjoyable weekend that everyone can share regardless of available spending money or getting tickets early enough. Or somehow devise something better than this.

    Clearly I'm still going to everything -- that is except the inexplicably sold-out movie screening and senior festival -- so fine you win. But this is really disappointing.

    Disgruntled CC '11

    PS: I welcome explanations from those in the know of why it has to be this way. I realize that bureaucracy sucks and that whoever you are who planned this are probably doing the best you can.

    • agree: re expenses

      but I don't think the solution is shell out 150 and go to all the ridiculous events.
      be choosy! i'm just going to the booze crooze and the (free) senior dinner... forget the senior ball what a waste of money to give us that last chance to have a good prom experience.
      spoiler alert: proms just aren't fun. and this juiced up 'adult' version is no different.

    • agreed  

      i'm not going to any events (except senior dinner) because i can get drunk and dance somewhere else for less money.

    • Anonymous  

      I'm pretty bummed that I feel I've been excluded from my senior week and senior cruise. Usually I just let these thing slide because I realize how completely inept whoever plans these things are... but seeing as I only graduate once I might actually pursue this. Doe anybody have any idea of who I could email?

  4. Anonymous  

    Bruce Robbins, Contemporary Edgy Fiction

    "If the future of literature is in your hands, I think it's pretty safe. So go! Propagate!...and join book clubs!"

  5. Um...  

    "We're not going outside today. It's too distracting. People aren't wearing a lot of clothes...I didn't say that."

    "I hope you all will do as Audre Lorde says--resist the yield to silence and move always towards transcendence"

    - Both Prof Marcellus Blount, African American Lit II, although the first one is technically from the second to last class

  6. Anonymous  

    Neslihan Senocak, CC

    "Think about how much fun you have with your friends, with someone you really like, even if you're just sitting and talking over a beer! And that's what life should be like, every minute. That's what I really wanted you to take away from CC!"

  7. I'm really bummed

    Intro to Film with Zwarich didn't give a good argument about boobs :(

  8. Anonymous  

    "There's nothing I can teach you about being mad. You sort of just pick that up." Professor Bernard Tamas, Intro to Comparative Politics

  9. :(

    I can't believe it's over!

  10. Spyridon antonokopolus

    Said nothing special and everyone left as quickly as possible. What a winner

  11. ...  

    "You will translate 5 out of 8 passages. 5 out of 6 if I'm feeling ticklish." - Gareth Williams, Selections from Latin Literature: Horace.

  12. Anonymous  

    You can't choose your family. You were born this way.
    (Class laughs.)
    What? Is there something funny about identity politics?
    (Class explains it's a song.)
    There's a song called Identity Politics?!

    -from last lecture of Interpretation of Culture

  13. Anon  

    Pascale Crépon, in her 1:10-2:25 Elementary French II class, which is located in a sad windowless room on the 2nd floor of the IAB on Fridays: "It's amazing how depressing it is on Fridays in this room. I need a mojito afterwards, but I have another class..."

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