SEAS Several Burgers, and Maybe a T-Shirt

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d(free cupcakes)/dx = delicious

ESC invites the mathematically-inclined folk to enjoy some free food from 11:30 am til’ 2 pm today in Lerner Piano Lounge (no word on whether or not it’s strictly SEAS-only). The event, a celebration of SEAS-pride, boasts Mel’s Burgers, cupcakes, T-Shirts, and water bottles. And probably also a handful of R.I.P. Gateway jokes.




Accompanying image to humanities major’s idea of a math joke via Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. Nate ESC  

    d(free cupcakes)/dx = delicious
    "humanities major's idea of a math joke"


    But yes it was a fun event. I think making Mel's an approved CU vendor is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. As long as they stop hitting people with bats...

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