Storybook Romance in London—and Morningside Heights!

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Today is the greatest day in the world—the day the noble Prince William marries his college sweetheart, the “commoner” Kate Middleton. It’s a story of love triumphing over society that has captured the hearts of Brits, admirers of royalty, and of course the media, from British tabloids and American gossip mags to the New York Times. It’s the perfect Lifetime movie. Seriously.

Of course, most Columbians can’t really relate to the happy couple. Sure, we can purchase a fake royal engagement ring and get a fake British noble name and title (or even buy your way into the real Scottish nobility), but it’s just not the same. Just because we get married at St. Paul’s instead of Westminster Abbey, though, doesn’t mean we can’t have our own storybook romances.

Last night, on college walk, a man proposed to his fiancée, accompanied by the Columbia University Marching Band! Taking a break from their usual snark, the Band joined forces with the groom-to-be to give him and his fiancée a sweet and special concert! Why call the Band in the first place? Apparently the couple first met at a bike ride last year, while listening to the Marching Band. Watch the video below to get the full story. All together now: Aww!

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  1. d'aw  

    cute band be cute

  2. Wait a sec

    Did I heard "This is sexcellent"?

  3. lololol  

    I'm sure the newly weds will be happy to CUMB

  4. Anonymous  

    Am I the only one who just teared up like it was the end of a full house episode from watching this?? so cuteee

  5. Anonymous  

    i think bwog just made me cry.

  6. adorable  

    best wishes to these two.

  7. Anonymous  

    This shit is so dumb and pointless. Why do people care?

  8. omg  

    band being cute!??!?! what has this world come to? LOVE IT

  9. Anonymous

    Congratulations to Wills and Kate!! and good job CUMB!!

  10. Anonymous

    Awww, need any more proof that love makes you CWAZY?!?!!

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