Bwoglines: Important Dates and Solidarity Edition

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Come together, Yalies, scholars and tiger cubs

Folks seem to be displaying solidarity in the spirit of International Labor Day lately.

People are coming together to help the victims of the Alabama tornado, the worst in the country since 1925. (New York Times)

Scholars are in solidarity with workers in Iran. A signatory to the letter addressed to imprisoned workers includes Hamid Dabashi, Hagop Kevorkian Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature. (In These Times)

Yale already decided they’re letting ROTC back, now the Stanford faculty is debating reintroducing them to campus. From the looks of it (the Senate vote resulted in 28-9), they’ll be joining our ranks soon. (UPI)

May 1st is important for another reason: student decisions! Tiger cub Sophia Chua-Rubenfield is going to Harvard. Check out her really awkward blog to see why we don’t mind that this tiger isn’t a lion. (Above the Law, new tiger in town)

Meanwhile, some students may be showing solidarity in confusion about college altogether. At least during finals week, we relate. (Huffington Post)

Alabama native Lara Avsar has been in contact with emergency medical services in Alabama. She told Bwog that the most immediate way to help out is to donate via this page. All the money collected there will be donated to the Birmingham Chapter of the Red Cross.

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