Senior Wisdom: Nuriel Moghavem

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Senior Wisdom from the class of 2011 continues!

Name, school: Nuriel Moghavem, Columbia College

Claim to fame: Survived Several Serious near-death experiences with COÖP (hypothermia), CCSC (exhaustion), the 117th Varsity Show (liver cirrhosis), CIRCA (homicide) and the notorious John Jay 9 (all of the above)

Where are you going? I’ll be a surgeon one day. Until then, I’ll be busy applying to medical schools and (hopefully) writing a book.

Three things you learned at Columbia:
We have some really amazing inscriptions around campus that drop serious knowledge. These each have special meaning to me and are reflective of the great things I’ve learned here as a student and member of the communities I’ve involved myself with:

John Jay lounge: “Hold fast to the spirit of youth. Let years to come do what they may.”
Schermerhorn facade: “Speak to the Earth and it shall teach thee.”
Low Plaza: De super artificis spectant monumenta per annos (Trans: “The great works of an artist look down upon us throughout time.”)

“Back in my day…” Bwog’s articles were snarky, relevant and, occasionally, muck-raking. Not sure why it’s become a free-food-advertising/fluffy-animal-posting machine more recently, but our campus no longer has a publication that keeps administrators and student leaders on their toes.

Justify your existence in 30 words or fewer: I don’t tell them often enough, but I love my friends very much. I only hope I bring to their lives a fraction of the energy they bring to mine.

Is the War on Fun over? Who won? Any war stories? I’m really just waiting for the D-Day of the War on Fun. One night where every floor, every suite and every brownstone throws a huge party. Or we could go 1968, occupy the Butler reference room, and throw a COÖP-style rager-in. Who’s in?

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? Cheese is delicious, but it can be lonely…

Advice for the class of 2015: Enjoy the constant ability you have in college to reinvent yourself.

Regrets? I had the fortune/misfortune of meeting some of my best friends in my senior year. If I could do it over again, I’d seek them all out at NSOP to have another three years with them.

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  1. Claudia  

    COMPLETELY unbiased, but this is the greatest senior wisdom I've ever read; my life has been changed.


  2. Isaac  


  3. AW SNAP  

    he went there!!

    \our campus no longer has a publication that keeps administrators and student leaders on their toes\

  4. Catherine  

    This guy is top-notch! He accompanied me to St. Luke's when I got CAVA-ed freshman year (this was not, mind you, a result of one of those debaucherous John Jay 9 moments but a result of some major dehydration).

  5. Courtney  

    I love this guy! He was in a colloquium with me last semester and he defended me when I attempted to make my own interpretation of a chinese text and immediately got shot down by our (nearly century-old professor). Big fan!

  6. this senior wisdom was  

    lame. too much nostalgia. are you on the senior week committee?

  7. Anonymous  

    Enjoy the constant ability you have in college to reinvent yourself.

    If this was on FB, I'd like it.

  8. Anonymous  

    ay jj 9 this is jj 10 you guys were alright but yeah FUCK jj 5

  9. Tits McGee

    Nuriel is the Dog's Bullocks!!!!

  10. CC '13  

    Gah Nuriel, you never fail to amuse/impress me - Good choice for senior wisdom Bwog

  11. jacob  

    nuriel is a gem.

  12. yo  

    great job with V-Show man, it was totally tits!

  13. dueaa  

    nuriel is the best

  14. Anonymous

    this one time nuriel smacked me in the face . IT WAS AWESOME.

  15. Anonymous

    so down for the COÖP party in 209

  16. So

    COOP parties are still referred to as a "rager" after the term's inception some 4 years ago...

  17. sari


  18. Date me, please?  

    Nuriel is hilarious. Before I graduate, I WILL ask him out =D
    Shyness be damned.

  19. K  

    I fucking love Nuriel

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