Bwoglines: Everything is a Let Down Edition

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You let the whole team down

President Obama will make his first presidential visit to ground zero today. Unfortunately, even if you had spare time to go see him, he is only doing a quick wreath laying with no speech. (The Daily Beast, NY Times)

Yesterday the President decided not to release photographs of bin Laden’s dead body. This news comes forward in the wake of the release of other shocking Situation Room pictures (when you see it you’ll shit bricks. spot the difference). (CBS News, NerdCore, Flickr)

Sarah Palin criticized the President’s apprehension to release the photos. Apparently, the best way to criticize issues of national security is via Twitter. Take notes kids. (Twitter)

Jobless claims rose to 474,000, an 8-month high. The Labor Department blames Spring Break layoffs in NYC. (Reuters)

A Gallup poll that asks respondents to judge their future outlook has found historic levels of pessimism. For the fist time in the poll’s history, a majority of people believe that the up-and-coming generation (Us!) is going to be worse off than the previous generation. Thanks for the confidence, guys. (The Hill)

Today is Cinco de Mayo, and you’ll be studying… (Life)

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