CC 2011, Meet Your Valedictorian and Salutatorian

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While an official announcement hasn’t been made yet, multiple tipsters have confirmed to us the lucky pair:

Valedictorian: Margot Lazow

Salutatorian: Elizabeth Lyon

Margot is a Biochemistry major and the president of the CU American Medical Students Association; she’ll tell you all about applying to med school the right way. Elizabeth is a Classics major at Columbia but also a member of Juilliard ’11; a brief Googling reveals that you’ll be wowed by her skills on the cello.

Congrats to the both of you!

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  1. Anonymous  

    Whoo, chem department keepin' up the trend!

    Also, yay Lizzy! You're awesome :)

  2. John Jay 12  

    Both valedictorians are from John Jay 12. JJ12 for life!

  3. Wait . . .  

    neither of these ladies were PBK. How does that work?

    Irrelevant though, I guess, because they are both extremely deserving! Congrats!

  4. JJ12  

    Congrats Margot!

  5. CC '11  

    Elizabeth was in my CC class! Congratulations!

  6. Anonymous  

    yeah, neither were inducted early into PBK, which is supposedly comprised of the top 2% of CC. this is slightly confusing -- what criteria are involved in this selection and how do they differ from early PBK?

    • Early Inductees  

      Are not the top 2%. They just make up 2% of the total number of inductees. Also you have to be nominated by a professor who is also a member of PBK in order to be considered.

      • Anonymous  

        Sorry, but that's wrong. Have a look at the Columbia College website (--> faculty --> directors of undergraduate studies --> honors, awards, and prizes). Or check the list of previous valedictorians and salutatorians, all of whom were early PBK. This a bit fishy -- maybe playing the 'cello well gives you a boost?

  7. What's the name of the

    smartest person in an entire rural farming community?

    The valley-dictorian!

  8. Anonymous  

    Congrats to the both of them!

  9. daaaang Lizzy  

    You own at both Juilliard and Columbia! Go BCJ!!!

  10. aw  

    sad it's not sam frank, congrats anyway!

  11. you go  

    girls. taking over the world.

  12. AMSA board  

    so humble and so sweet! You deserve it, Margot!


    why am i not surprised margot's killing it? this girl is such a HERO

  14. private schools

    are both of these private school kids?

  15. JJ12

    Congrats Margot! You so completely deserve this honor!

  16. anonymous  


  17. Anonymous  

    Margot, beyond your academic accomplishments, you are a genuinely nice and altogether superb person. This is well-deserved -- congrats!

  18. Also  

    I think Margot's the first valedictorian in like 10 years who isn't going on to get a Ph.D. Glad to see that they're recognizing talented people who chose other paths.

  19. Anonymous

    where can you see your class rank?

  20. Anonymous  

    Margot is so genuine and so nice - she truly deserves to be valedictorian and I'm sure she'll be an amazing doctor! I really can't stress enough how modest she is!

  21. Curious  

    Where's Margot going to med school?

  22. Margot's Friend  

    Margot is going to Vanderbilt!

    Congrats Margot on all your accomplishments!

  23. wow  

    a salutatorian AND a member of julliard 11?? how is that possible??? maybe that's why she's only #2....

  24. cc'11  

    Congrats Margot! SO well deserved!

  25. Pshaw.

    This is so high school.

  26. Anonymous  

    congrats to........yea no one has ever seen these people ever before
    oh, and bwog, how about not deleting comments next time

    • Anonymous  

      I lived with one and had several classes with the other, and they're both not only amazingly smart but also two of the nicest people I have met at this school

  27. Anonymous

    OMG they were not early inducted into PBK?

    WTF you silly gooses, you just hatin cuz they beat you hands down.
    And one of them is good at something that is NOT science!
    Please, show some respect.

  28. Anonymous  

    While I think it's a shame that neither lady was selected early into PBK, this was NOT because their GPAs were too low. To be considered for val/sal, you must have one of the highest GPAs in Columbia College, plus show \strength, breadth, depth, and rigor of...academic achievements as well as on evidence of...intellectual promise, character, and achievement outside the classroom\. I know Margot has one of the highest GPAs in the college (she was told by one of the committee members that she has the 2nd highest GPA) and I'm sure Lizzy does as well. Plus, both are being inducted into PBK on Class Day. I don't think there's enough info online about how any of these honors are chosen, but I just wanted to emphasize that both ladies are very deserving!

  29. Anonymous  

    Margot is amazing--extremely smart, warm, and nevertheless modest. Congrats, Margot!

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