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Keep on keepin’ on with the help of some senior wisdom

Name, school: Yonatan Gebeyehu, Columbia College

Claim to fame: Numerous Columbia theatrical productions, including 115th and 116th annual Varsity Show, playing PrezBo with a white wig and soffe shorts.

Where are you going? Staying in New York, I got a job working at a restaurant and also doing some tutoring to keep me going while I audition for acting jobs. I wanted to be a doctor, but my parents made me do this, so……

Three things you learned at Columbia:
1) No single event that you experience is as important to your education as a whole as it may seem.
2) Get to know your professors, at least a few of them. Not only are they , for the most part, great educators, but they’re also really amazing people with fantastic stories. Be a part of that.
3) Do tons of stupid things. Those are the things you’ll be thinking about when college comes up in conversations, not how well you did.

“Back in my day…” You could get a mean batch of mozzarella sticks from jj’s for 5 bucks. Damn.

Justify your existence in 30 words or fewer: I am what I love: my friends, theatre, the game Taboo, and the color purple (the actual color, not the musical. Or the movie. The book’s pretty good).

Is the War on Fun over? Who won? Any war stories? One Monday earlier this year I find myself with a few friends and this drink called four loko. We had all decided that we would try it together, just a sip, just to see how it feels. 20 minutes later, we decide to go get some more. I didn’t want another because I didn’t feel like it ( I didn’t want another because I couldn’t afford it), but my friends gladly get a second serving. They can’t wait to get back to their dorm so they decide to enjoy it in a nice paper bag. Well, it must of been in the air or something, because the police sniffed it the second they cracked it open and pulled over. After my friends did some sweet talking (thank you Columbia), they ended up having a court summons and had to pay a hefty charge of $25. That night, however, we went home and enjoyed us some loko. I like to think that my friends won. We’re still goin.

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? Cheese.

Advice for the class of 2015:

1) For the next four years, you’ll be surrounded by some of the most gifted people you’ll ever meet. If working in the admissions office has taught me anything, it’s that each one of us has something incredible to give to the rest of the community. Open yourself up to those opportunities. Spend time with people. Make friends and invest in them. Celebrate their successes and support their tribulations. We have the capability of being the support for so many others, its a shame to see all of our energy wasted on ourselves

2) Find something that inspires you. Not an idea, but an actual object (a book, movie, painting,etc). Always keep it close to you. Everyday, look at that object. Read it. Watch it. Just a little bit each day. It will remind you why you of why you work so damn hard.

Any regrets? Nothing major, maybe not taking enough random classes, but overall I think I got everything I needed to get out of Columbia.

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  1. yesss

    Yonatan! you're amazing and one of the nicest people I've met here. Visitors' Center L.O.V.E!

  2. yayy  

    So good!! Yonatan, you're the best!

  3. SEX

    Do you want to have sex? With me?

  4. Yonatan  

    is the freshest guy around

  5. i am in love  

    with yonatan.

  6. Anonymous  

    yonatan is one of those guys who makes your life SO SO SO much better, just by being in it. yonatan i love you so much, you've seriously MADE my four years here. oh, and you're the best VC front desk-er by far.

  7. Anonymous

    So happy I met Yonatan

  8. Advice  

    Sometimes, you just know when you meet the person who will change your life. Yonatan is that person. He's so genuine and friendly, that it convinces me on a daily basis that God tried harder on some people than others. Yonatan indirectly convinced me to be a better person just by being so sincere.

    If you happen to not yet know this incredible guy, please do your best to meet him before graduation! It'll change your life!

  9. Anonymous  

    I like the no nonsense cheese answer

  10. Anonymous

    "I wanted to be a doctor, but my parents forced me to do this..." hahahaha

  11. cc11  

    You sound awesome. I wish we were friends.

  12. yay

    yonatan is the best!

  13. CC 13  

    Going to miss Yonatan so much... Thanks for two years of awesome times at the VC! And for introducing me to Brad's. :-) Good luck with everything!

  14. Damn botch  

    you deep as HELL. LYLAS
    - Adam

  15. if  

    this guy is straight I want to be a straight girl. If he is gay i want to be a gay man. If surgery is necessary so be it

  16. Anonymous  

    I don't know you, but the sentence "No single event that you experience is as important to your education as a whole as it may seem" was just what I needed right now, to put some perspective on the French final I'm currently cramming for. So thanks!

  17. finally  

    someone admits to liking dome more than cheese

  18. Anonymous  

    seems like a great guy.

  19. fan

    okay, i love yonatan as a person so i might be a little biased, but i think this is the greatest senior wisdom i've read EVER. not gonna lie, usually disappointed by my friends' SWs- but this is PHENOM. my obsession with you grows, botch. don't graduate. k thanx.

  20. Anonymous  


    i love you botch

  21. bc'11  

    you are a pretty cool dude

  22. Anonymous  

    Someone following their dream and not going into finance or consulting. Major respect.

  23. cc'11  

    first of all, i love you!!! second of all, THANK YOU FOR SAYING CHEESE. I do NOT understand people who give up oral sex. kthanksbai

  24. cc2010

    thumbs up if you thumbed up all the comments in this thread.

  25. yoniii

    four loko night was the best. officer gillepsie can suck it

  26. Anonymous  

    Nora Diamond for Senior Wisdom!

  27. Anonymous  

    Yonatan is amazing. So glad to know and love him. LOVED this!

  28. Anonymous

    one time I kissed Yonatan in a game of spin the bottle and it was a life-changing experience.

  29. Question

    that has been bugging me for years now. How did he/you come by a Hebrew first name?

    • Anonymous  

      As a fellow Ethiopian to Yonatan, hopefully I could keep you from bugging out over a name. Ethiopia is the second oldest Christian country thus a lot of parents choose biblical names, specifically from the Old Testament. x.

  30. I'd say...

    please don't leave, but I truly hope I get to see you around town being your awesome self. You're amazingly talented and insanely intelligent.

  31. neighbor next door  

    always a treat running into him by the elevators

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