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A normative testing ground.

Term papers and finals have—as they always do—snuck up on us. That means a lot of feverish writing sessions, printing problem sets, and checking Courseworks. It also means a lot of time in computer labs. So when you’re in line at the Lerner printer, waiting for a Mac to free up, or just typing away at that paper, follow this etiquette guide—if everybody does, we’ll all be happier. Call us grumpy old geezers, but really, when one person is nice to another, both feel better!

Printers – “Look before you leap”

  • Don’t use both printers at the same time in any computer lab. (You’d think this would go without saying…)
  • If you’ve got a really large document to print and there’s somebody behind you, ask if they have a short one! And let them go.
  • Recognize that you are not the only person in a rush.
  • If you can, print multiple items at once by holding shift and highlighting them. If you’re going to do this though, check in with the person behind you. They might have shorter docs to print.

General Computing – “Don’t be that guy”

  • Don’t have really loud, obnoxious conversations in the lab.
  • Keep your headphone volume at such a level that others can’t hear it. There is a simple test for this. Take off your headphones. If you can still hear music coming out, it’s too loud.
  • Do move your things aside if somebody sits down next to you and you’re too spread out.
  • Don’t stay logged into one of the big computers, have nothing on that screen, and work solely on your laptop.
  • If you’re on Facebook, at least have some work up in the background.
  • If you’ve had your headphones in for a while, periodically take them out to check that you’re not breathing heavily, toe-tapping, or audibly farting.

NoCo Computers – “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

  • If you’re on one of the scanner-endowed computers, and somebody asks you to switch because they need it, do it!
  • If you’re not going to be using a computer, don’t take that seat.
  • Realize that a lot of computers in NoCo have specialized engineering and mathematics software that can’t be found on other computers around campus. If all you need is Microsoft Word and an Internet connection…think about going elsewhere!

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  1. Anonymous  

    AMEN to the last point about NoCo computers. It's about time people realize's too bad this post probably won't change anything though...




    • Words  

      Given the existence as uttered forth in the public works of Puncher and Wattmann of a personal God quaquaquaqua with white beard quaquaquaqua outside time without extension who from the heights of divine apathia divine athambia divine aphasia loves us dearly with some exceptions for reasons unknown but time will tell

      • More words  

        But will there be normative utterances to underscore the redefined loopholes in the socio-political spectrum of all categorically imposed dissent from the relatedly academic and supposed anthropomorphic tendencies as revealed by Freud's analysis of the feminist divinities you suggest are behind the overused concept of insubordinate microscopic theory of the loquacious and poorly-understood norms of conceptual fornication?

    • Anonymous

      I WISH I could be writing a paper right now. Instead I've been listening to some crazy asshole screaming outside of my building for more than an hour. A word to the wise: NEVER move off-campus. And FUCK YOU WASHINGTON HEIGHTS.

  3. Blerh  

    This is mostly true, except that if I want to sleep in front of a NoCo computer, I will.

  4. English Major CC'11  

    "There aren’t as many computers there than at other libraries."

    C'mon Bwog, really? It should read: There aren't as many computers there as there are at other libraries.

    Or something to that extent.

    And yes, I am done with finals and have too much time on my hands...

  5. Anonymous

    Is it normal to want to hurt someone -- or at least give them a wet willie -- if they are sitting there in the lab watching streaming video without the slightest bit of regret or shame?

  6. Anonymous  

    Nothing wrong with facebooking or watching something in the library, it could be a much needed study break.

  7. Anonymous  

    I like my solution best: buy your own awesome printer. What I've lost in cash I make up for in peace-of-mind.

  8. o.O

    "There aren’t as many computers there as there are at other libraries" is also a horrible sentence.

  9. Anonymous  

    amen! and i love the part about audibly farting LOL

  10. no, BWOG  

    No, here's the proper headphone test: take out headphones and press against your shirt or skin, if you still hear music it's too loud.

    Also, I'm too lazy to check if this hasn't already been said, but stinky food is also a no go.

  11. Anonymous  

    the scanner thing: SO TRUE

  12. Loud Music  

    "Keep your headphone volume at such a level that others can hear it. "
    Good idea, Bwog!


    NOCO IS ONE FOR A REASON. For those of us insane enough to have chosen engineering, please dear god let us have it?!? We desperately needed those they're NEVER available. :(

  14. CC student

    I agree, I barely ever go to NoCo and if at all leave the computers for the engineers...

  15. quiet undergrad  

    Now we need one of these for the GYM!!!!

  16. Anonymous  

    The key is to get whatever you can get. If you need two printers, do it. Etiquette has no place these last few weeks. Watch youtube on computers, sleep if you want. It's a jungle. I for one will not heed any of these tips. They will make me fail and all we need is to look out for ourselves.

  17. Anonymous  

    People are barbarians.

  18. you are all lame  

    thanks mommy for teaching me how to use the computer lab. can you also teach me how to masterbate without disturbing my roommate? or maybe I should let him go first if he's only got a quickie. normally i would use both hands, but, then again its finals week and he might be in a rush too. perhaps it would be proper etiquette to offer him a hand? nah, finishing school tells me nothing will help shorten the queue like my sphincter.

    honestly fuck you bwog for posting this crap. I pray that your messiah will now personally serve you moist towelettes in your paradise for spreading the good word about moral use of computer labs

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