Senior Wisdom: Aviva Buechler

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Name, School: Aviva Buechler, BC

Claim to fame: Bride at Hangama, President of Hillel, Butler Prankster Group, the “Aviva” dance, Community Impact Leadership Program Co-Coordinator.

Where are you going? I’ll be here in NYC, and Teaching for America.

Three things you learned at Columbia:

1. There are twenty-four hours in a day and seven days in a week…and it’s possible to use them all (or most of them). It’s best to fill them with fun adventures, awesome people, great campus-related activities, or discovering some funny YouTube videos.

2. You don’t need to buy t-shirts. You’ll acquire enough free ones over your years here. But, definitely buy enough underwear to last you a while, or get creative.

3. Fun fact: There’s a lottery for lockers in Butler. Try to win or make friends with someone who won so you can store your thesis books.

“Back in my day…” There were no visible bed bugs in Butler. Birds were just called hawks. If your suite inadvertently started a fire, you somehow still landed a free oven. We had dance parties on Ellis Island.

Justify your existence in 30 words or fewer: I got “married” on Low, love laughing at “funny” things, have “rocking” dance moves, “own” a fondue machine, and “hang out” drinking wine with Bob Kraft every now and then.

Is the War on Fun over? Who won? Any war stories? Bwog: This one’s on you! Last spring, Hillel’s exec board hosted a free breakfast at 6am during finals week. I sent Bwog an email to post the free food event, and received the following email from you: “Being awake at 6 when you have an exam that day just doesn’t seem like a good idea whether you’re staying up or waking up early. I wonder what the thinking was here.” The war on fun continues.

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? Even though I once ate a piece of cheese, and my cholesterol went up to 900, I’ll have to go with oral sex.

Advice for the class of 2015:

1. Get involved in campus life. There are really unbelievable opportunities on campus, and you will discover such amazing, passionate, diverse, and talented people along the way.

2. Go to homecoming senior year. You get four free beers.

3. Experience “Reacting to the Past.”

4. $4 margaritas at the Heights from 4-7pm and after 11pm on weekdays.

5. Explore your passions, keep upbeat, and challenge yourself by the people you meet. Step outside your comfort zone to experience something new, and see a different perspective that will help shape your identity.

6. Attend events from Bwog’s Bucket List. There are some incredible lectures and film screenings that happen here. And make use of the free food events, as they will satisfy any cravings, save you money, and make someone’s board or organization happy that you came.

7. Eat a Vermonster (or a few) with friends.

Any regrets? I’ve had such a great four years here, but I do wish that I could have taken Organic Chemistry.

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  1. dueaa  

    i love you! you're a spectacular human being who actually cares. i'm going to miss seeing you practically everyday :(

  2. Anonymous  

    Finally!! Sooooo wise...Aviva is the best!!!

  3. Anonymous

    I guess we learned that putting dish towels in the broiler isn't the best of ideas...but new ovens make it worth it!

  4. #1 fan  

    best ever. true rock star right here, Columbia's losing a great one....

  5. Marcel  

    My one regret in life is that I'll never take Organic Chem

  6. Anonymous

    hahahah that vid was soo funny

  7. Face Reader  

    I have never met her in person, but whenever I see her in Butler I feel good. And with my limited knowledge of reading faces all I can say is she is one of those few people who embody grace, innocence, intelligence and enthusiasm.
    Good luck.....
    A face reader in Butler

  8. Anonymous  

    Really one of the nicest people I have met at Columbia. Good luck, Aviva!

  9. Anonymous

    We love you Aviva!!! Shoutouts from the review session!

    Best president, friend, class doodler, and library distractor a girl could ask for!

  10. Anonymous  

    the Aviva Dance ROCKS MY SOCKS

  11. you da best!!

    aviva's amaaaaaaazing!!!!

  12. butler buddy

    and so much more!! love this girl!

  13. yeaaah girl

    Aviva is one of those rare breeds who doesn't sleep yet exhibits an incredible ability to do EVERYTHING, to do it all exceptionally well, AND with a smile!

  14. Ben  

    #7: Best Advice Ever

  15. PS

    Vermonsters ftw! ARE THOSE BANANAS?!?!-Cor

  16. Anonymous  


  17. Anonymous  

    John Birch Society approves this Senior Wisdom.

  18. Anonymous  

    …and what a stunning bride she made. HAWT… Jewish chicks in Desi wedding outfits FTW.

  19. Anonymous  

    This girl is ahhhhhmazing! Every one do the vivs!

  20. Anonymous  

    I don't know this girl, she absolutely sounds really nice and pleasant... but I can't help but wonder the views she *may* harbor and the causes she *may* be championing as the President of Hillel.

  21. Hahahaha  

    to the above.

  22. 2010

    omg I LOVE me some Aviva! I could dance at a certain irish pub in the 80s with you ALL DAY EVERY DAY if given the chance. :)

  23. Aviva's  

    a great role model and amazing friend. I only wish I could drink as much coffee as she does!

  24. This  

    is a seriously great lady. Genuine, warm, and full of life. A privilege to be her friend.

  25. Vivs  

    is probably the only person I know who actually thinks EVERYTHING is the funniest thing in the world...and it makes her an awesome person to be around!

    Love this girl. She inspires me.

  26. Anonymous

    Way to go on sliding Marcel into that response. And great advice and memories. I'm so glad I don't have to experience college without you!

  27. Anum  

    AVIVAAAA = Wisest, most amazing person ever!

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